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How can the previous studies on persuasion apply

How can the previous studies on persuasion apply to the creation of pro-recycling?

An environmental organization would like to film a pro-recycling public service announcement and have brought you on as a consultant to help them better understand the principles of persuasion and how they should be applied in this PSA. As part of your presentation to the organization you will need to educate them on the principles of persuasion (using what has been learned through previous research) that will need to be applied to their PSA.

By Wednesday, June 29, 2016 you should create a PowerPoint presentation.

In the first 4 to 6 slides of your presentation you will need to:

Summarize at least two previous research studies on persuasion.

How were the principles of persuasion studied?

Was the research valid? Why or why not?

What was learned through these studies that can be applied to the creation of the above PSA?

In your next 6 to 10 slides you will incorporate all you have learned about the art of persuasion to create your own PSA PowerPoint presentation to present to this organization that they will use to guide the filming of their video.

In this presentation you will need to:

Present a creative argument that will persuade the viewers of the need to recycle, which the video will be based on.

Use at least two primary principles of persuasion within this presentation.

In the final slide outline which two or more principles were used and why they were a good fit for this PSA.

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