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How come H2SO4 in binary acid form is sulfuric acid and not dihydrogen sulfuric acid?

H₂SO₄ is not a binary acid, because it contains three different .

Binary acids like HCl and H₂S have two names:

  1. The "hydrogen name" is "hydrogen" + element stem + "ide". For the pure , this gives names like hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulfide.
  2. The "acid name" is used for aqueous . The name is "hydro" + element stem + "ic acid". This gives names like hydrochloric acid and hydrosulfuric acid.

Oxyacids like H₂SO₄ and HNO₃ can also have two names:

  1. The "acid name" is almost always used, even for the pure compound. It is element stem + "ic acid" (or "ous acid"). This gives names like sulfuric acid and nitric acid.
  2. The "hydrogen name" is formed as if the substance were an ionic compound. So the name would be hydrogen sulfate, but that name is hardly ever used.
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