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How do I find half life rate of disappearance constant and order

work Help With Chegg x * How do I find rates and running X+/takeAssignment/takeCovalentActivity.do?locator=assignment-take&takeAssignmentSessionLocator=assignment-take[References]Use the References to access important values if needed for this question.In a study of the decomposition of hydrogen iodide on a gold surface at 150HI(g)-21/2 H2(g) + 1/2 12(g)the following data were obtained:[HI], M0.5940.2970.1497.45x10-2seconds521781911Hint: It is not necessary to graph these data.Visited(1)The observed half life for this reaction when the starting concentration is 0.594 M iss and when the starting concentration is 0.297 M is(2)The average rate of disappearance of HI from t = 0 s to t= 521 s isM s-1>(3)The average rate of disappearance of HI from t = 521 s to t = 781 s isM s-1.(4)Based on these data, the rate constant for thisorder reaction isM s-1Submit AnswerRetry Entire Group8 more group attempts remainingCengage Learning | Cengage Technical Support

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