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How do I find the number of grams in 1 mole of sulfuric acid. Then calculate the number of grams of sulfuric acid needed to make a 1-L solution of sulfuric acid in water that has a molarity of 3?

You will need ##"294.24 g H"_2"SO"_4"## to make 1 liter of a 3 M solution.

You need to first determine the molar mass of sulfuric acid, which is the number of grams in 1 mole of sulfuric acid. We use the atomic weights on for each element in sulfuric acid, writing the atomic weight in grams per mole.

The formula for sulfuric acid is ##"H"_2"SO"_4"##. To find the molar mass, multiply the subscript for each element times its atomic weight in g/mol. Then add the results.

H: 2 x 1.008 g/mol = 2.016 g/mol S: 1 x 32.06 g/mol = 32.06 g/mol O: 4 x 15.999 g/mol = 63.996 g/mol Molar mass of ##"H"_2"SO"_4"## = 98.08 g/mol

Note: You can also find the molar mass by doing an online search.

is the number of moles of a substance per liter of solution. A 3 M solution of sulfuric acid contains 3 moles of sulfuric acid per liter of solution. Determine the mass of sulfuric acid required to make a 3 M solution.

##3 cancel("mol") "H"_2"SO"_4"## x ##"98.08 g"/cancel("1 mol")## = ##"294.24 g H"_2"SO"_4"##

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