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How do I solve ##y=-3/(4x-2)## on a graphing calculator?

Solving equations usually requires finding the point/s where the function intercepts the horizontal axis (x).

For this function there are no x intercepts. This is because if we try to solve the equation by setting y=0 we find that we cannot make the right hand side of the equation equal to 0.

It is not possible to just set the (4x-2)=0 as this would result on 3/0. It is a rule in maths that you cannot divide by 0. Therefore there are no solutions.

You could give the y intercept if you wanted. Which is just found by considering the intercepts where x=0. In this case it is 3/2.

Graphics calculators let you find intercepts using a solve function in the calculator which you can observe how to use on YouTube.

However in this case there is no solution so the calculatorwould just display and ERROR message or NO ROOTS

Roots are another name for solutions or x intercepts.

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