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How might a company’s business strategy affect the external competitive policies and techniques of its Total Compensation system?

Note: Per your course syllabus, each of your 3 papers must be a minimum of 5 full double-spaced pages. You may use your textbook as a source, but you must have a minimum of 3 non-text sources as well.  Please document your sources professionally and include a bibliography. 

1. An abstract of no more than ½ double-spaced pages will accompany each research paper.

2. Each research paper shall be a minimum of 5 full double-spaced pages, exclusive of the abstract and bibliography. 

3. Each research paper shall be supported by no fewer than 3 non-text sources and all sources shall be professionally attributed in the document and included in a bibliographic listing at the conclusion of the paper.       

4. Effectively define the topic and include an overview of your research findings.

5. In detail and with supporting examples and documentation, present your research findings objectively.

6. Summarize your research conclusions and add your own commentary based on your own experiences.

7. Use clear and professional writing and format.

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