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how to improve my English grammar and my writing essay.

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how to improve my English grammar and my writing essay.

How to improve  yself in essay writting and building up a good english grammar.


Go to (Links to an external site.) web site. Click on ‘Topics’. Choose any topic of your interest in sociology. For example, social class, stratification, race, education, religion, immigration, etc.. Choose THREE data-based research reports on your chosen topic. You may find many sub topics under each topic. For example, you may be interested in learning more about the socio-economic status of a certain ethnic, age, or religious group in the United States. You can search the database to find what you are looking for. Download relevant data sets (statistical data in the form of graphs, charts, etc. given in the articles/reports). Study the data sets carefully. Interpret the data in YOUR OWN WORDS. Discuss your findings WITH REFERENCE TO A DISCUSSION OF THE SUBJECT MATTER in your textbook. You must include a graph presentation of each data set in your report. Your report must consist of the following: Name page - Page 1 Introduction - Page 2 Data set I – Page 3 Analysis & discussion – Page 4 Data set II – Page 5 Analysis & Discussion – Page 6 Data set III – Page 7 Analysis & Discussion – Page 8 Bibliography – copy and paste the web page address FOR EACH DATA SET ON EACH DATA SET PAGE (PAGES 3, 5, AND 7)
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