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How was andrew Jackson a transformative figure in American history


It can be safely argued that President Andrew Jackson was a transformative figure in American history.  In this essay, address why that statement has meaning.  

Include any aspect of Jackson’s policies, politics, personality or relationships that you determine to be relevant for this essay. 

For example, what to make of President Jackson’s response to the “Indian problem,” and the reaction of others to his position? Were there other important issues he dealt with as president?  If so, how did he address/handle them?  And maybe just asimportant, why did he handle them in such a way?  Did he redefine the presidency?  If you believe so, how?   How did his policies as President change or continue earlier federal policies? Did his biography/personality play a role in his approach to the presidency?  If so, in what way(s)?

     These are but a few examples of questions that you can address, if you choose.  You may take the paper in any direction you like, yet still making vitally sure to address the main point:  

It can be safely argued that President Andrew Jackson was a transformative figure in American history.  In this essay, address why that has meaning.  


Structural guidelines:  

750-1000 words  

MLA style. 1 inch margins, double spaced, 12 point Times Roman font  

Cite, with a page number, any direct quotes or passages taken in full from the class text

** Essays will be downgraded if the guidelines, listed above, are not adhered to**

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