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Howard Cho has been hired by Greenwood Enterprises to work on an assembly line in its small engine division. He

Howard Cho has been hired by Greenwood Enterprises to work on an assembly line in its small engine division. He

understands that he will be on probation for 30 days and then must join the union. Cho Enterprise has a(n)_________ shop.






2) The U.S. Pentagon offers childcare for its employees. It pays Aramark to provide its employees with this service. The Pentagon uses ________ to care for its employees'


B.Contingency workers

C.Functional reassignment

D.Organizational reassignment


3) An article on the health care industry revealed several assumptions that health care administrators have adopted during the last decade. The administrators assume their (1) employees have several interests other than work and will work only to the degree necessary. (2) employees will accept additional responsibilities only if they receive rewards, and (3) employees exhibit little loyalty and will leave employment for reasons that are in their short-term interest. These assumptions lead support to the ________ approach to management.

A.The Hawthorne effect

B.The Theory Z style of management

C.The Theory X style of management

D.The Theory Y style of management

E.Scientific management

4) Equity theory is a theory of motivation that focuses on the link between motivation and organizational culture.



5) Spring Airlines is a small budget airline that is based in China. The company has a strict rule against passengers bringing any food or beverage on board with them. In a country where meal time is extremely important, this has caused some passengers to slap, throttle, and insult stewardesses who tried to enforce this rule. The tenacity with which the company's employees enforce this ruling is based on how the employees predict customers will react to the news. This is an application of the _________ theory.






6) At Children's Hospital in Denver, good attendance is encouraged by recognizing staff members who have not missed work in the previous three months. At three-month intervals, at staff meetings, the names of those who have not missed work that quarter are announced. These employees are given ribbons of excellence, perfect attendance pins, prizes, tote bags, alarm clocks, gift certificates or movie tickets. As an added incentive, the person with the longest record of perfect attendance is allowed to choose first from the list of "gifts." This is an example of how ________ are used in association with the _________ theory.

A.Rewards; Reinforcement

B.Instruments; Expectancy

C.Satisfiers; Equity

D.Objectives; Goal-setting

E.Hygiene factors; Herzberg's

7) Lumber mills are located near the forests in the Northwest to save shipping costs and to be near their raw material.



8) Which of the following businesses is most likely to consider proximity to raw materials when locating a new manufacturing plant?

A.A company that provides fresh baked goods for restaurants

B.A manufacturer of hunting equipment

C.A pharmaceutical manufacturer

D.A publisher of textbooks

E.A whiskey distillery

9) What management function is production manager Cedric Stein using when he orders aluminum component parts (bumpers, drive trains, etc.) to be used in the production of Audi cars in Audi's Neckarsulm plant?



C.Materials requirement planning



10) Crown Holdings Inc. manufactures a high-resolution, full-color digital inkjet printed cans that allows smaller beverage producers to label the cans as they are needed to be filled rather than keeping a stock of preprinted cans. This is an example of how a beverage company could use:

A.Lean production control

B.Controlled production


D.Materials requirement controls

E.Sigma Six

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