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HR assignment w4

For Proffesor Emma Baker only

Class: Workforce Planning and Staffing. Book on Kindle: Staffing Organizations

Discussion question

(This short one due Wednesday noon Central time.)

Chapter 7

" What information does a selection decision-maker need to collect in making staffing decisions? What are the ways in which this information can be collected?"

Class: Compensation and Benefits (the book on Yuzu Barnes and Noble)

This one is an individual assignment due by Saturday midnight Central time

Job Evaluation & Market Pricing

This is a project check in assignment

·      Determine which job evaluation technique you feel best fits your organization and justify it.

·      Should the exempt jobs be evaluated on a different system than non-exempt? Explain why or why not.

·      Using what is available on the web, market price your jobs (at least 3 sources of data).  In the explanation of the market pricing, tell whether each job would be matched for industry and/or local/region/national and why.

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