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HR Discussion post

(300 - 400 words). Each post should contain 2 references: one “internal” reference (from the book chapter, article/videos used in the course) and one “external” reference (from any reputable business newspaper, magazine or scientific journal.

HRM literature and practice are well-aware of a very interesting training phenomenon which is referred to as TRANING PARADOX. Training paradox means the following: employee training often results in two contradictory outcomes for the organization. By offering training, organizations increase employees’ job security and desire to stay with the current employer. However, organizations simultaneously increase an individual's employability outside the company.

It creates a big challenge for organizations. On the one hand, they may be reluctant to offer training as they may think they increase employability of their employees in the outside market, and, therefore, may lose them. On the other hand, organizations may lose employees if no training is offered, as employees require interesting and challenging jobs that lead to constant skill development. How should organizations handle this? Where is the most optimal compromise? Please support your answer by the material from internal and external sources. Share your own experience if applicable.

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