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HR Week 3 - Assignment

·       Select one of these two cases for your individual case study: 

o   Nkomo 38. Case: A Solution for Adverse Impact (p. 118) – in attachment

o   Nkomo 40. Exercise: Evaluating the Recruiting Function (p. 123) – in attachment

·       Review the Learning Resources that provide information on how to complete the calculations relevant to your chosen case.

o   For Nkomo 38. Case, this includes information on adverse impact in the textbook and optional study notes.

o   For Nkomo 40. Exercise, this includes information on how to calculate selection and acceptance rates on pp. 211–212 of your Mathis text.

·       Job analysis homepage. HR-Guide.com. (n.d.). Job analysis homepage. Retrieved September 16, 2014, from http://www.job-analysis.net/

Submit by Day 7 a paper (600–750 words) that includes the following:

·       Calculations relevant to your case study:

o   For Nkomo 38 Case; this includes adverse impact 

o   For Nkomo 40 Exercise; this includes selection and acceptance rates for the position (you do not need to calculate the other yield rates on page 211 of the Mathis text)

·       Answers to the questions associated with your case, answers should meet the following requirements:

o   Double-spaced paragraphs

o   The question used as the header for each answer

o   APA style format

o   Support from external sources with correct APA citations

o   An APA reference list

·       Two job-related interview questions based on the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics (KSAOs) associated with your case and an explanation of how the questions relate to the KSAOs 

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