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HRM 587 Week 1 Course Project Managing Organizational Change Part 1

This pack of HRM 587 Week 1 Course Project Managing Organizational Change Part 1 comprises:Pick out your two companies and their change. In 1 double spaced page, please submit your company selections, with a brief write-up on the changes you will be comparing in the two companies. Pick two companies which have undergone some type of fairly substantial change in the recent past. Find the company and the change information online, using EBSCO, or using a companys case described somewhere in our textbook. (See page 388 of the textbook index for page numbers and names of each of the cases described in the textbook.) Other ways to find information: utilize Google or Yahoo Finance, or Reuters, and look up Annual Reports of companies which interest you. Often reading the first sections of these reports (i.e. letters from CEOs) will give you ideas about changes they have gone through in the past year(s).Be sure that:Your companies are publicly traded so that their information will be easy to research and findYour change in the two companies are comparable (i.e. don't compare a new CEO to a change in HRIS - DO compare two changes in CIO) andThe changes happened in the recent past so that you will find plenty of online information about how they were handled, but not so recent that the information about the change results is still up in the air.Your topic will be graded/approved and returned to you so that you know your topic will work for the course. You must get approval to move forward with your project. This section will be worth 25 points and must have at least two references.

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