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HRM 587 Week 1 TCO 2 A B Discussion Pressures for Change

This paper of HRM 587 Week 1 TCO 2 A B Discussion Pressures for Change gives the answers on:Organizations change due to many different pressures. In your lecture for Week 1, as well as your reading in Chapter 3, you are introduced to many of these pressures. Think about a time at work, at school, or at home, when you have been subjected to similar pressures (this is your example). Did that pressure make you change or dig in your heels and refuse to change? What does that say about pressures for change? Does it always lead to change? Provide your example in your first post, and if you can, explain how the theories on pressures for change help explain why you were or weren't actually pressured to change in your example. Please also discuss your classmates examples with them. In follow-up posts, talk about how these pressures did or didn't cause a company to change, to their benefit or detriment. Your instructor will come in with additional questions and thoughts based on your comments and the pressures for change, and during the week, your main focus will be on why companies change. Enjoy the discussions!

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