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HRM 600 Week 3 dq2-HRIS

This pack of HRM 600 Week 3 dq2 - HRIS encompasses:

One of the most critical aspects of HR functioning is the application and utilization of key data. Most companies have Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) where this data is stored. This week we will begin working on Course Project Modules- the first will be your HRIS module. Before you begin your research please share the following with the class

(a) What I know about HRIS right now.

After you have had the opportunity to research HRIS systems (But no later than day 5), options and benefits please share the following information:

(b) HRIS Is critical to any organization because......

(c) In my research on HRIS I learned that......

(d) What surprised me about the HRIS capabilities were....

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