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HRM 600 Week 3-Module 1

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Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

In this module a key element is to demonstrate Why HRIS is critical and give an overview of how H20 can operate with One HRIS system. The assumption is that H20 currently has an HRIS system, but we do not know which one. For this module your team will consider some of the major HRIS software offerings. For example, look at the possibility of using SAP or Peoplesoft. Review the metrics that the selected system can produce; what reporting capabilities are important for H2O? Remember, your team is serving as the consultancy group to H20 it is expected that you will apply research and list 5-10 HRIS best practices. Your module will close with a concise list of HRIS recommendations for H20.

a. Outline and review of HRIS systemsb. Explanation of manpower and technology needed to operate HRISc. Assessment of the importance of the HRIS function within an organizationd. Metrics HRIS system can produce for the organizatione. Best practices of 5-10 US organizationsf. Key action items for H20 implementation of effective HRIS system

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