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HRM 600 Week 6-Module 5&6

This file of HRM 600 Week 6 - Module 5&6 contains:

Module 5. Performance Management

Performance management styles, time lines and methods vary from company to company. For this project you will assume that H2O is unfamiliar with the methods used in the US. As such, your first step in this module is to outline the purpose of Performance Management- and review how it is linked to strategy. Your team should describe 2-3 performance management philosophies- and recommend the best style for H2O. Within this framework your team will create two sets of analysis. The first will be a review of best practices as it relates to theory and the second will be a review of best practices that are applied-- (i.e. currently being used in one or more companies).

a. Overview of Performance management philosophiesb. Analysis of best practices

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