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HRM 600 Week 7-Module 7&8

This file of HRM 600 Week 7 - Module 7&8 covers:

Module 7. Total Rewards

When drafting this section of the module we will assume that H2O will be operating in a state with little union activity. Your Rewards program should review the basics of US Compensation-- from base pay, bonuses, medical benefits and stock to 401(k) and other retirement options. Remember, H2O may not be familiar with US taxation requirements- so your team must include some of the basics so that H2O will understand the percentages that the company is expected to withhold and to pay on behalf of the employee. The module should conclude with best practices - sharing examples of companies that are leading or lagging in the market with respect to pay and benefits. Your team must make clear recommendations on the position H2O should take upon market entry.

a. Review of Typical US Rewards programs. (Make sure to consider all compensable factors such as salaries, benefits, work/life, recognition and career development)b. Analysis of best practices for compensation, benefits, perksc. Consideration of US Taxation requirements (Social Security, Medicare, etc)d. Best practices/unique compensation methods for attracting and maintaining employeese. Recommendation of Rewards program for H20

Module 8. International Issues

The final module for the course project will detail various International topics that H2O must be prepared to address as a result of the opening of a location in the US. First, the company must understand the nuances of sending home country employees to work in the US. Your team should review the legal issues that will arise and must gain an understanding of how this affects the company and the employee. We will assume that H2O will send at least 5 expats to work at the new site- for a period of no less than 2 years (per employee). Your team must develop a compensation package (expat offer) for these employees. H2O should understand the cultural considerations that must be reviewed prior to sending employees to work in the new site. In close your team will provide recommendations for how H2O will select, send and monitor the expats while on assignment in the US.

a. Sending Home Country (German) Nationals to work in the USb. Compensation/Benefits and Contract overview for short term (90 day) and long term (90 days-3 years) assignmentsc. Legal Considerations (visas, taxation, etc)d. Cultural Considerations (training, housing, family, language, schooling)e. Recommendations for H2O for placing home-country workers in the US

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