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HUM 176 Week 4 DQs v4

This work of HUM 176 Week 4 Discussion Questions v4 consists of:

DQ 1: Social media appears to add different benefits and values. What benefits do social media offer for your personal use? What type of negative experiences, if any, have you had from social media? Compare your answers with those of your classmates. How do they differ?

DQ 2: Do you think virtual interactive communities are genuine communities? Why, or why not?

DQ 3: Given the trends in online gaming, what roles beyond entertainment do you see for gaming in the near future?

DQ 4: Do you think the makers of violent and sexually themed games should be held responsible for the behavior of those who play them? Why, or why not? How much responsibility do parents have in allowing children exposure to these sources?

DQ 5: At what age do you think is appropriate for a child to have access to social media? Why?

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