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Human Resource Management

Minimum of 750 words. Minimum of 4 scholarly sources. 

Instructions: Managing people is a key factor for all managers.  Human resources theory and practices are foundational both for the unique discipline of human resources and for the general practice and discipline of management.  

Discuss how human resources is both a discipline of its own and how it is embedded in the practice of management.  

Select three of the following areas:

•    Recruiting and hiring

•    Performance management

•    Labor relations and collective bargaining

•    Employee relations

•    Strategic human resource management

•    Training and development

•    Organization development

For each of the three areas selected discuss

•    The relevance and importance of that area for management

•    The roles and responsibilities of that area for managers, for human resource specialists and why this is so

•    Two or three theories or concepts within that area that are important for effective management of human resources from the perspective of human resources, of the individual employee, of the manager of the employee, and of the organization

•    Identify significant legal guidelines or regulations related to managing this area effectively:  To what laws do managers need to adhere or pay special attention in this area?

•    Identify 3 to 5 challenges faced by organizations today in that area and address how those challenges are successfully managed and/or mitigated (if they are risks).

•    What theories or theorists ground your understand of this area of human resource management and why you selected that theory.

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