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I am going to post what I have and what the instructor requires. This is what I have so Far:

need help with figuring out how to bring my assignment together into a flow chart. I am going to post what I have and what the instructor requires.

This is what I have so Far:

This problem I have is complete chaos and it drives me crazy, but I have no time to remedy it and could really use my computers assistance in fixing it. The problem is my files and images are all over the place and I would really love for them to be organized in alphabetical order and then I would be able to just collect and file them. So, do I first go through them and get rid of the files and images I do not need? (waste time and do it yourself/let the program do it) Would it be better to first program it with parameters so the program can discard it for me? (save time set date range parameters/set date range parameters but have it ask if I want it discarded) Once the program is done organizing my files, Should I have it store the files on the desktop? (store it on the desktop as individual files/Store it on the desk in a folder). This type of program could not only save me time but make it easier when I need to find something on my computer I really need.

  1. Try to determine if your questions will be IF statements or loops.

·        My First question would be an If statement because It is a clear yes or no question. The second would be a loop due to it would have to repeat the decision multiple times till there were no files or images left. The third question would be an If statement because once completed it will simple store the remainder of files and images.

  1. Turn four of your actions into distinct processes. 

·        Get files and images

·        Set date range

·        Ask permission before discard

·        Store in folder

  1. One input and one output. Your input could be a file or a user input. Both are well described and explained in your textbook. Your output could be a printout or something that displays on the screen.

·        Input= get file and image

·        Output= store file/image in folder

Create a list of instructions similar to the peanut butter and jelly list using your IF statements (questions), Loops (questions), processes (actions), inputs, and outputs.

1.     Get file/image

2.     Start searching with date range

3.     Discard with permission if older than 2008

4.     Keep if newer than 2008

5.     Store in folder, end

This is the instructors requirements:

For this assignment, you will match the elements from your revised idea paragraph from Unit 2 with the correct flowchart shapes. You will use Microsoft Visio to do this. You must add a text box next to each shape and indicate its use (example: output, input, IF, Loop, process, etc.). Try to add flowlines to indicate how your flowchart will flow.

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