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I am trying to research on the mean salaries after college degrees. As per the article by Forbes, Computer engineers get the maximum salary followed...

Hi I saw the attachment and it was very helpful. Could you please help me the following question based on the attachment.

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Unit 1 Discussion 2

Introduction to Statistics

In this discussion you will take the first steps towards applying Statistics to real-life situations. Consider subjects you are interested in, hobbies you partake. You can also think about topics that you are curious about.

Maybe you want to know...

  • The mean starting salary for a graduate in your field?
  • The mean number of games won by your favorite sports team each year?
  • The mean number of games lost by your favorite sports team’s rival each year?
  • The mean number of accidents reported at an intersection?
  • The mean price of a brand of soda in 2-Liter bottles?

Or maybe you are curious about how two different items compare. Maybe you want to know...

  • Are the mean starting salaries for graduates in two fields the same?
  • Does your favorite sports team win more games than their rivals each year?
  • Which of two intersections has more accidents reported?
  • Do two brands of soda have different costs?

For this discussion, you will need to state the following:

  • What are you researching?
  • How are you going to gather the data for this project?
  • What do you think the mean will be once you gather your data?
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