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I have been stumped for weeks trying to design this code.


I am having difficulty completing this assignment. I have been stumped for weeks trying to design this code.

In this assessment, you will design and code a Java console application that takes as input five integer values and produces as output the lowest and highest values of these five integer values.

The application uses Java looping constructs to implement its functionality.

You can use either the Toolwire environment or your local Java development environment to complete the assignment.

The requirements of this application are as follows: The application is to read five integer numbers entered by the user from the keyboard using a Java looping construct.

The application then prints out the highest integer and the lowest integer numbers that were entered.

Use these five input values to test your application: 3 56 89 602 1

Successful completion of this assignment will show the correct highest and lowest integer values that were entered printed out when the application is run

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