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I have the following questions to be answered only four of the seven questions (One page and half or more) The...

I have the following questions to be answered only four of the seven questions

(One page and half or more) The Divestiture of AT&T and the Telecommunications Act of 1996 had a major impact in the United States.

1. The Divestiture of the Bell Operating Companies from AT&T was one of the critical events of the 1980s that continues in importance today.

· Give a brief description of the rationale for divestiture, how it relates to the AT&T Consent Decree and other legal actions, and recent consolidation in the industry.

· Build a matrix of three pro and three con arguments concerning the break-up of AT&T.

2. Describe the impact of the Telecom Act of 1996 on

· local phone service

· cable TV

· long-distance phone rates

3. Discuss the impact of the Telecom Act on:

· Mergers and partnerships

· Services

· Competition

(One page and half or more)

Layer One:

1. Describe how data is transmitted using Amplitude Modulation

2. Describe how data is transmitted using Frequency Modulation

3. Describe environments that you would recommend for the following type of Layer One media, and why that specific type is preferred:

· Wireless WAN

· Wireless LAN

· CAT5 or CAT6 cable

· Single-mode Fiber-optic Cable

· Multi-mode Fiber-optic cable.

(One page and half or more)There are several types of Multiplexing.

1. What distinguishes Frequency Division Multiplexing

2. What distinguishes Time Division Multiplexing

3. What distinguishes Wave Division Multiplexing

4. If you were buying a multiplexer, why would you choose either a FDM or TDM?

(One page and half or more)

Layer Two: controls access and handles errors.

1. Describe three access control methodologies.

2. Describe the techniques in Layer 2 that Prevent errors.

3. Describe the methods in Layer 2 that Control errors.

4. Describe three Layer 2 Error Detection methods

In one page Draw how a series of FOUR separate messages would be successfully sent from one computer to another using ARQ if:

1. the first message was transmitted without error

2. the second message was initially transmitted with an error

3. the third message was initially lost

4. and the ACK for the fourth message was initially lost.

Use Visio or PowerPoint format

You have downloaded a number of Word and PowerPoint files from D2L. Assuming that the next file you will download is 3.4Mb, how long would it take using the following circuits? Also assume that control characters and management overhead adds a total of an extra 10% to the message.

1. Dialup modem at 33.6 Kbps

2. Cable modem at 384 Kbps

3. T-1 line at 1.5 Mbps

In one page, Show your work using a spreadsheet and graph the results using a bar graph format.

Create a table for the OSI protocol stack listing: (in one page)

1. Layer Number

2. Layer Name

3. Layer Functions in detail

4. Layer Sample Protocol(s)

5. Layer Name for its "chunk of data" if applicable

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