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Week #2 Forum: Evaluate a Student-Selected Source and Reflect on the Research ProcessIn the week 2 lesson, you have read about information seeking strategies, the second Big6 model digital literacy skill. As you consider sources you may use in your final career interest project, visit the Richard G. Trefry Library and select one potential source. Rather than randomly choosing a source that could work, select the best possible source from those available using the evaluation process presented in the lesson.

In the Forum, share a source you have selected. Evaluate it and tell about your research process. Include the following details:

  1. Your career interest topic for the final project
  2. Your chosen source—share title, author, and other identifying information, & provide a link if possible
  3. A description of the information contained in this source in 1-2 sentences (summarize) in your own words
  4. An evaluation of your source. Is it scholarly or non-scholarly? Why did you select it (criteria)? What criteria did you use to determine it was a quality source to use? Is it current, accurate, credible, available, understandable, and relevant to your topic?
  5. A reflection of your research process. What is your current comfort level working in the Richard G. Trefry Library? What other potential sources are you considering for the final project? What tools are you using to organize your sources and research reading? If you used an app, please share it with the class, as well as a description of it.

Call on the rubric (linked below) to ensure you are meeting participation expectations. Please make sure you do the following:

  • Post your initial post no later than 11:55 PM Thursday.
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