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I need a 200-word response to each of the following forum post made by my classmates (400 words total): (The original forum question is below the following two classmate forum post) Classmate Forum Po

I need a 200-word response to each of the following forum post made by my classmates (400 words total):

(The original forum question is below the following two classmate forum post)

Classmate Forum Post #1:

Here are a few examples of evolution not being perfect. I did some research on google and some of these examples were interesting to me. The peppered month had a light coloring but darkened after the industrial Revolution, due to the pollution of the time. The mutation came about because the light-colored months were being seen by birds more readily. With naturel selection, the dark colored months survived while the light-colored ones did not. Italian Wall lizards were taken to an island and left there to see if any changes would occur. The lizards shifted their diet and ate more vegetation, causing a change to their head size, it also gave them a stronger bite. They also developed cecal valves in their intestine which gives bacteria more time to break down the vegetation. Another big example that is in our biology books are Darwin’s Finches on the Galapagos Island have developed different sized beaks. Originally. The finches had large beaks for cracking large nuts. People who breed dogs are another example of evolution not being perfect and how humans select for desirable or fashionable traits. Choosing cross-breeds and mixed breeds over purebred dogs is a harmful genetic mutation that tends to frequently occur in certain lineages can be covered up, or “bred out” by the genetic background of the other dog breed(s) in the individual. In purebreds, since there is only one lineage, these mistakes are often more apparent and can make purebred dogs prone to certain diseases. I have a American Bull dog boxer mix and I honestly feel so sorry for her with her short nose she snores in her sleep all the time and she is also going to have bad joint problems when she gets older. I can see that her joints are starting to hurt her now and she is only 3 years old. I honestly wish people would stop cross breeding dogs sine it causing them to have many problems.

Classmate Forum Post #2:

There are a lot of flaws with evolution that are more predominant today, then they were a long time ago. As time has gone on, and medical discoveries have surfaced, aging has progressed and surpassed what would have been over seven hundred years ago. The average adult was lucky to make it to age thirty to forty, now it is typical to live into the ages of ninety, or farther. Medicine, while it has been extremely beneficial, has also put a huge curve in evolution. Non-favored traits in people have been treated, and have made it available to keep poor selectional traits in the line of evolution. Couples who can’t naturally produce can look to external ways in order to help conceive, when it wouldn’t have been available hundreds of years ago. Evolution takes millions of years to progress and create new species and characteristics in plants and animals. The process of evolution is minute and tiny characteristics that are passed along, from generation to generation. While there are things that take a long time and generally slow the progression of evolution, I think it’s a hard thing to find flaws in something that, to a person doesn’t seem perfect could be in its own way. Although, as a society, the process of evolution has been skewed to favor poor characteristics in people and now, in animals with medicine. Heart disease, liver disease, organ transplants, immunosuppression, genetic disorders, and more, all have routes that can be assisted to help people stay alive, and reproducing when they typically wouldn’t be. If poor traits weren’t being treated, imagine the strides in natural selection as a human race would be significantly different, and possibly far superior.

Original Forum Question:

Discussion Board 3: Structure and Function/Evolution

For each board, please choose one question to complete the main post. The main post must be AT LEAST 250 words. The post must be related to one of the topics presented by your instruction found below. If the post is not 250 words or not on a topic presented it will be returned.

Please make sure that all of the information that you use to complete your post is from your textbook. If you choose to use sources outside your book you are required to cite and reference in APA format. Otherwise the post will be returned.

Once you have completed the main post you can choose any 2 peer posts to reply to in at least 125 words.

If your post if rejected, you will get a message in your Message Center regarding why. Please use the HELP tab on your portal to contact your instructor if you need assistance.

Discussion topics can be updated periodically.

1. Evolution is not always perfect. Find some characteristics that are a product of evolution that are not perfect or the most efficient. Explain why it is not a perfect process.

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