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I need a 5 page essay (APA format) about Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Before reading forward, I'd like to say that I need someone who can deal this assignment at the lowest cost and then finish it tomorrow at or before 12pm. In other words, please finish this 12 hours from now. My budget is oly $15. I hope I can find the right one who is willing to do this. If you think you can't make this until tomorrow please ignore this. And pleasse, do not plagiarize. I can search your output in the internet to check if it is plagiarized. I need an A grade for this if possible. Thank you for your consideration. Have a good day!

So here it goes...

Marketing:  I need a 5 page essay (APA format)  about Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Please see attached file.

P.S. If you bid, please ask $3 upfront. Not more than that. Else, will ignore your bidding. Thank you.

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