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I need a case study written for the selected pathogen below. 1-2 pages in length is fine.

Library resources page.

Finally, use Google Scholar. Make a noun string of your pathogen’s Latin name and a qualifying term like “vaccines” or “virulence factors”. Be sure to unclick the “patents” box before you search. The site is: Google Scholar is a great place to find scientific articles on you subject. Look here for articles that give you the full text in HTML or PDF versions. The UNE librarian is also very helpful and is accessible via e-mail (see above).

I enjoy reading a narrative, but you may use bullet points for each section (the choice is yours). APA Style format is fine for all references.

Be sure to consider the directions carefully and include all the requested information (especially the two discussion questions with responses and scientific literature references). Remember that the Case Study is a teaching tool and you are, essentially, teaching me about the pathogen you selected.

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