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As in the last Milestone, the objective of this task is to study the learning activities  and reading assignment, research famous designers, and discover a relationship between the two. Specifically, you will be studying the art and design of different designers along with appropriate quotations by various designers that might relate to the time period you will be studying in the learning activities  and reading. Next, you will select a designer whose work and/or quotation relate to one of the time periods the best. You will be using a combination of art and imagery to complete the remaining steps in the task, so this research is crucial to coming up with a good idea. Next, you will choose an appropriate font to use in the design. You will then write a brief paper describing what you have discovered and explaining the reasons for the selections you have made.

After writing the paper, you are to explore the possible design of the front and back covers (pages 1 and 8) in the course project zine on famous designers. You will use the quote from the famous designer you selected in Task 1; then you will combine the quote with art or design, either from the designer you selected or from the time period you selected and described in your paper, and sketch eight possible designs. Additionally, the front cover will contain the title, "Famous Designers." The title must be incorporated into the design of the front cover in addition to the quotation and image.

there is example I attached it to help you to write the paper  .

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