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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Discussion of the value of research. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Discussion of the value of research. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Impacts of research Insert of Introduction Research can be defined as a focused investigation of a given topic in a given field of knowledge. Research is, as the researchers say, the only way of knowing new things and new ideas or even improving our old and somehow outdated ideas. People don’t have to stay at the same point all the times, but rather we have to keep on progressing in terms of how we think, how we reason and view things. This progress can only be made by making regular discoveries in order to have advanced knowledge and keep ourselves updated with the current affairs in our societies. Research is very important in imparting knowledge among various people concerned with the advancement of their knowledge and ways of thinking. Indeed it is through research that we are able to improve our knowledge. Various people have conducted researches in various fields of study and come up with various ways of viewing different things and have different view over the same things. As Gibbons argue, research changes the way a society and a group of people view things by inventing new ideas. It is a way of improving our knowledge based on the need to change the perception of a given person (Gibbons et al, 1994). This paper will look at the importance of research at certain levels such as in academic achievements, in employment as well as in national building as a citizen of a given country.

To begin with, research as I have indicated in the statement above is the eye opener in changing the manner in which we view things around us or react to given circumstances and situations in the society. Researches are therefore very important in the life of a student especially at higher levels such as the honors level. Carrying out research at the university level can be useful in very many ways for instance, researches improve our bulk of knowledge in related fields of specialization (Bell, 1973). People go to school in order to acquire full education in terms of quality learning as opposed to mere diploma holding capabilities. Knowledge that is all encompassing requires that one is all round with regard to his or her line of specialization, which is to have a vast knowledge in our areas of specialization. We therefore need to conduct investigative researches to well equip ourselves with the best knowledge we can gather in our fields of study. According to Friedman, an honors student is expected to have profound knowledge in his or her field of specialization and so must conduct research to keep himself or herself with the most current and detailed knowledge in these fields (Friedman, 2006).

Moreover, an employee or an employer in any given field has to keep on track with the current and most up to date trends in production and consumer characteristics in line with the type of business one is engaged in. For this reason therefore, an employer or an employee has to keep on carrying out investigations in terms of research findings in order to be familiar with the mode of production suitable for the rapidly changing population characteristics. Better methods of management can as well be acquired by learning widely on the management techniques among various people around the world (Geuna, 1999). This can only be possible when we conduct research on good management practices by consulting various sources as well as learning by observation.

Researches are also very important to the citizens of any country. One has to carry out researches to investigate how the world views his or her country before venturing on any mission at the international scale. Besides, as a patriotic citizen of any country in the world, one would be required to carry out researches in order to find out new ways of inventions and breakthrough in various fields of development in order to be able to spur the country’s economy as is required of each member of any country. Citizens can therefore find a breakthrough in the new technological developments that can be used to improve the manner in which a country can improve her income through new inventions especially in the scientific and technological worlds.


In conclusion therefore, it is only through research that one can be able to keep on track with the changes in the trends of production ad behavioral characteristics in the society. Besides, students are encouraged to carry out researches in their respective fields of knowledge so as to fully equip themselves with the latest advancements in his or her field of knowledge.


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