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I need help writing a satirical poem

Ok so I just had to restart homework that took me weeks it's due tomorrow and I'm doing a satirical poem on the kardashians so far it consists of this :

I often ask what has the world come to I think it has changed, don't you Some time ago I was watching tvThen, these foolish girls appeared to me,I enjoyed the show relentless to sayThen I realised, it was on all day I sat and gazed till my eyes felt squareThe language was rude these girls need a prayerGet your cameras out, ready and prepared Lights on her sister yet the fame is sharedLet’s all pucker up this ones on KylieBuy her lip kit she’s robbing you slylyHere’s the conclusion she looks like a ratAnd not to mention she’s a spoilt bratDifferent hair colours I cannot keep upAnother boyfriend! Oh wait they broke upThey spend tons on fixing imperfections Yet they deny getting lip injectionsLeft is Khloé, Kourtney, Kendall & Kim 

Lets all squat down this ones on Kim KFor this fake dummy has been squatting all daySee ,her breathtaking curves invade your brain Once again it's all plastic, such a shameThe story starts with a nice splish and splash

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