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Proposal Memo.

This memo is to be read by a decision-maker or group of decision-makers. This decision-maker or group of decision-makers will approve or turn down the proposal based on the information in the memo. In this proposal memo, you will seek approval to begin work on this project, which will include an investment of your time to conduct primary and secondary research. Your goal is writing the memo is to receive formal permission from these decision-makers by convincing them that, first, there is legitimate problem or need to be addressed and, second, that there are reasonable recommendations and solutions that make sense for your company or community organization.

The introduction of the memo should clearly state that you are proposing to carry out a study. The introduction should also make reference to any previous discussions you have had about your plans with any individuals named in the memo’s header.

The body of the memo should have the following information:

  • the background of the problem or need
  • the benefits to the company or community that will accrue by virtue of you doing this study
  • how you will conduct the study (methods and procedures; these are especially important if you will doing any internal surveying, interviewing, or data collection)
  • the amount of time you will need to invest in doing this work as well as any budget or help you will need
  • what you will deliver at the end of the process and when you will deliver it
  • your qualifications and experience that will enable you to be successful in this endeavor

The conclusion should contain the formal request for approval. It should also remind the decision-makers of the benefits that will accrue due to your work.


I am a restaurant manager. The professor needs me to be specific so the proposal memo cannot be anything outside the box (the following paragraph). This is the topic I sent in to my professor. 

The topic of my research report is to build a gym in the basement of the restaurant that I worked at. Our restaurant gives a two hours break during the normal business hours of 11:30-10. Most people end up sleeping which they really choose to sleep because that is the only thing they feel they should do. Others would end up going next door to spend money on things they don't really need but this is also because they feel like they really have nothing to do and can't think of anything else to do for 2 hours. I feel like if there is a gym, the employees can use the gym and come back to work with more energy and that will then lead to being more productive at work instead of sleeping and waking up feeling more exhausted or instead of going out spending money on things they don't need when they don't really make that much money anyway. I will have to bring this topic up to the owner of the restaurant I work at. People are more obese in our junk food generation as well as being in debt more than ever in history. By incorporating a gym in the basement, I will help the country we are living in with the high obesity rates as well as the high numbers of credit card debts.

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