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I need some assistance with these assignment. communication strategy using technology Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. communication strategy using technology Thank you in advance for the help! Communication Strategy Using Technology Communication Strategy Using Technology Technological advancement has changed the entire shape and structure of the world we live in. Technology has played a great role in the advancement of communication everywhere. During the past decade, organizations had to face dynamic markets and had to be specified by outsourcing procedures, work specialization, just in time working and distributed production. So it was important for them to use the new and upcoming technology to keep them up graded and up dated. So now we will analyze the impact of the Knowledge Management System called Sispes used by the residence for elderly Givoanelli in Italy for internal communication processes. Sispes is a web based program which keeps communication processes and knowledge management according to a personalized workflow management system. This system can only be improved or modified by a few licensed practical nurses, physiotherapists, doctors and administrative officers. These few people only have the access to the information about the services available to every particular guest.

The residence for elderly is not an exception is not an exception in such a case. They have got a role in the inter-organizational networks like the industrial districts and knowledge networks (Hamel and Prahalad, 1990). They have opened their virtual value chain to other companies, and are outsourcing their non-principal services, and ultimately have specialized their key tasks that are nursing, restaurant services, medical and physiotherapeutic. And hence they have to organize various units and few of them are units of the firm and some units are of other companies.

Sispes directs almost all of the data flow between administrative, sanitary, entertainment and socio-assistance sections. It is designed by an Enterprise Knowledge Portal which allows the exceptional access point to collective information. Data can only be acquired through authentic procedure. It also allows workers to manage group policies, share documents, convey messages and start forums. Lastly it allows a complicated system of document management and workflow allowing the users to attach and reclaim data from the firm archives. Sispes is concentrated on the residence’s guests and manages all the data by each unit according to the guest’s needs and not according to the matter of interest of that particular unit. Hence all of the units help in the management of the guest’s information according to some preset channels of communication. The user acquires the data through the authentic process and observes the relevant links to his/her task and can even update the data for which s/he is credible. Sispes also provides a guest folder in which the data regarding all the guests is provided.

Sispes is a great system used by Givoanelli. But it also has its own draw backs. One of the main problems faced by the users is that the people frequently had to utilize the same tool for various and different task. And the users find it very weak and useless when those tools are already in use. Sometimes users found it difficult to insert the information as Sispes could not propose the right category in the menu. Hence the users were forced to use alternatives and it was really difficult to retrieve that data later. Hence Sispes should be updated also allow the users to make up categories for the particular data they are inserting when Sispes cannot suggest the right category making it more helpful and effective for later use too.


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