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I need some assistance with these assignment. connecting rod Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. connecting rod Thank you in advance for the help!

Connecting rods are a common phenomenon in internal combustion engines (Windsor n.d.). The automotive engine almost always never lacks at least one connecting rod. Steam engines and some airplane engines also make use of connecting rods although the designs used thereof are distinctly different from those used in automotive engines. The connecting rod commonly features a big end and a small end. While the big end is connected to the crankshaft bearing journal, the small end commonly connects to the piston through a gudgeon pin (Windsor n.d.).

In many cases, the gudgeon pin is press-fitted into the rod so that it is fixed in the rod while allowing the piston to swivel. So as to avoid its damage, the con rod-crankshaft assembly is constantly lubricated with oil when the system is at work.The connecting rod is subjected to enormous stresses as it works. Every rotation of the crankshaft means that the rod experiences tension and compression from the piston. The rod can fail when the eng8ine is at work causing irreparable damage to the crankcase or the engine as a whole.

The connecting rod can also fail from fatigue especially where the rod has a physical defect. Other possible causes of con rod failure include inadequate lubrication of its bearing, improper positioning and tightening, subjecting the engine to extremely high speeds/revs, and failure of the bolts that are used to connect it to the crankshaft.To avoid connecting rod failures in high-performance engines, their edges are often ground to form smooth radii. Another strategy applied in this respect is shot peening which serves to create compressive surface stresses which in turn help in preventing the formation of cracks.

To avoid failures that may be caused by improper tightening of the bolts that connects the connecting rod to the crankshaft, the bolts are torque to the precise values specified by manufacturers. &nbsp.One other strategy that is applied in high-performance engines to ensure that their connecting rods do not fail is precisely balancing the connecting rod-piston assemblies statically and dynamically.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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