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I need some assistance with these assignment. customer service and care Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. customer service and care Thank you in advance for the help! To ensure the effectiveness of customer complaint handling. it has become essential for the players within the industry to carry out an investment on staff training programs for achieving the goal of customer retention.

In the present-day market scenario, hospitality industries face multiple challenges in terms of competition and rapidly changing business environment. Since this industry is completely based on service, so it has to make sure that it provides a long-lasting positive expression to the customers with the intention of retaining them. Every player within the hospitality industry tries to provide high-class customer service to its customers. Adding to that, players within the hospitality industry practices multiple types of activities in terms of attracting customers. For instance, a hotel provides a complimentary dinner service with every customer check-in. Similarly, another hotel might provide free airport pick up and drop services to the customers who have made online reservations. Customers mostly prefer hotels depending on the unique facilities which these hotels provide (North West Business Life, 2013).

Moreover, the first stage of customer service starts from the reception section of every hotel. However, it is almost impossible to estimate what a customer might actually expect from hotels in terms of services and products offered by them. Contextually, often situations arise when hotels fail to serve the customers to their desired satisfaction levels. At such stages, the customers often start complaining about the services. As a corrective measure, the hospitality industries much indulge in terms of strategizing and framing out effective customer complaint management systems for dealing with such customers. These sorts of complaint management systems often help hotels in terms of identifying and understanding the loopholes within their systems and thus correct them accordingly (North West Business Life, 2013).&nbsp.

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