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I need some assistance with these assignment. electrical and electronic engineering Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. electrical and electronic engineering Thank you in advance for the help! Of great importance has been the progression of technology in semiconductors. The progression of semiconductor technology has made it possible to have the whole of the central processing unit of current computers on a solitary chip. The solitary chip utilizes both VLSI and LSI technology. Back in time, the microcontroller was known as a microcomputer. In the year 1978, Intel produced the microcontroller series chip called MCS-48. In 1980, it produced the 8051 series and in 1983, it produced the MCS-96. Both the MCS-48 AND THE 8051 series had an 8-bit CPU while the MCS-96 had a 16-bit CPU. It is evident that an integral component of a microcontroller is a CPU. however, it also consists of other parts that include. a RAM, in-built ROM, a clock circuit, serial I/O, parallel I/O, and counters. With this information, this paper is going to look at microcontroller (Ram, 2004).

According to Arnold (2001), the press has always stressed the 16-bit microcontroller due to the revenue they obtain from these advertisements. However, he goes on to note that 8-bit microcontrollers take the largest market share of sold microcontrollers.&nbsp.He asserts that it will take time for the 16-bit microcontrollers to overtake the 8-bit in terms of sale volume. Currently, 32-bit microcontrollers are also in production and sale. The sale volumes imply that there are differences in the three types of microcontrollers (Arnold, 2001).

What makes a microcontroller a 16-bit? A micro-controller is termed as 16-bit if it undertakes 16-bit logical and arithmetic processes at an instruction. 16-bit microcontrollers are characterized by a 16-bit internal bus width. They have higher processing speeds and greater size of memory. Their usage is mainly in High-level programming languages. Items such as Modems, scanners, and disk drivers mainly use the 16-bit micro-controllers. The Intel 8096 series is one example of a 16-bit microcontroller (Singh & Kumar, 2008).

The common application for 32-bit microcontrollers is in high-end uses. These high-end uses include control of automotive. An example of a 32-bit microprocessor is the ATMEL 32 (Singh & Kumar, 2008).

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