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I need some assistance with these assignment. leadership and action Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. leadership and action Thank you in advance for the help! Leaders may play many roles and therefore are required to perform diverse actions to fulfill the requirements for the development of the organization. It is manifested that actions performed by the leader depending on the functions that the leader is performing at that particular time (Krench, 1962). The following actions are performed by the leader:

Executive: A leader is an executive to direct manage and synchronize group activities and has the insight to set policies and goals.

Planner: A leader plays an active role as a planner to decide how the group will achieve the set goals within a stipulated time window.

Policy Maker: A leader executes policies and establishes goals for the cognitive development of the organization.

Expert: A leader is an expert in his field to understand the actions to be taken for fulfilling the objectives.

External group Representative: A leader is the one who acts as a group leader and speaks on behalf of the group.

Controller of internal relationships: A leader acts as a controller of harmony among the group members by determining the social structure.

Purveyor of rewards and punishment: Leader is the one who can act as an encouragement for his subordinates by rewarding them and also encourage them to do the best and up to desired expectations by punishing them. Punishment is also an encouragement and brings the best within the individual.

Arbitrator and Mediator: A leader plays the role of dispute resolver and fulfills the fellows with encouragement and enthusiasm.

Exemplar: The action of the leader must be an example for others and should motivate the staff and fellows to perform to their best.

Symbol of the group: The group/ team is known by the leader and therefore every action of the leader must be a symbolic embodiment of the team, its goal, and its values.

Ideologist: A leader must be full of beliefs and moral values to motivate the fellows and to maintain a progressive, participative and indulgent environment.

Father figure: A leader is required to act as focused and have positive emotional feelings for the fellows for the identification of the problem and also for transference. It is desired for the transparency and to build trust among the fellows towards their leader.

Scapegoat: The leader must be capable to take the blame on behalf of the group.


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