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I need some assistance with these assignment. methodology chapter in my dissertation Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. methodology chapter in my dissertation Thank you in advance for the help! 2.2 Research philosophy Research methodologies are broadly ified under the categories of positivism, interpretivism and pragmatism. A general recapitulation of the three philosophies would help in selecting the appropriate option for this research paper.

Positivism denotes an empirical method that is based on observing a phenomenon (Hall and Elliot, 1999). Observation of facts, which are allowed to speak for themselves, takes precedence over logical or theoretical analysis. It avoids any distortion that might occur due to analysis. Hence, for this method, the subject under study should permit observation and recording of data, like a quantitative process.

Interpretivism denotes a research method that lays importance on deductive reasoning and is thus in contrast to positivism. For the deductive reasoning process, the researcher interprets data keeping in mind the context and meaning of the observed phenomenon, and hence is a qualitative process (Carson et al., 2001. Denzin & Lincoln, 2003).

Pragmatism denotes an attitude that reflects efficiency and utility (Thayer, 2011). The researcher interprets the data in a manner that serves his purpose best. In this sense, it can be said that pragmatism combines both qualitative and quantitative aspects of data collection and interpretation.

Investment decision in the selected chemical companies is to be based on a analysis of the data of each firm at micro-level, in the macro-context of the chemical industry. It entails both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Hence, the Researcher is choosing the pragmatism methodology for this paper.


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