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I need some assistance with these assignment. the abduction of lebanon Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. the abduction of lebanon Thank you in advance for the help! Lebanon does not have the exclusive Arabic culture of other Middle Eastern countries. Lebanese cultural identity does not revolve solely around the Arabic culture. Christians, Islamic, Druze, and even Jews make up part of the Lebanese culture (Traboulsi, 36). Although the native dialect is a Lebanese dialect of Arabic, different religions live together in a diverse culture.

Lebanese culture is also more modernized than other Arabic nations. The modernization ranges from food to music. Male and female relations are also not as regulated as in other Arabic nations, like Iran or Saudi Arabia. The dress is also more westernized. An example being women do not dress in head coverings for fear of the police. Lebanon can be compared to a modern European nation in the heart of the Middle East.

The main Arabic influence is Ottoman or Turkish. The Ottomans ruled over Lebanon for centuries (Traboulsi, 59). Some of the words from the Ottoman rule still exist in Lebanon. Turkish dress and other customs still remain but have become definitely Lebanese.

Lebanon is a country in the Middle East bordered by Syria and Israel. Normally when thinking of the Middle East, deserts and hot weather come to mind. However, Lebanon is a mountainous area, save for a narrow coastline on the Mediterranean and the Begaa Valley (Bonechi et al, 3). Lebanon has a moderate climate but can have extreme temperatures, with snow in the winter and extreme heat in the summers. In comparison to the other Middle Eastern countries, Lebanon receives an abundant amount of rain.

The country's national emblem is a cedar tree. During Biblical times, Lebanon was known for its cedars. For centuries, Lebanon's cedar forests were used for trade, boats, and other purposes. However, since there was no plan to replant the cedar forests, the supply has been gradually depleted.

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