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I need some assistance with these assignment. the overproduction of electricity power in spain Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. the overproduction of electricity power in spain Thank you in advance for the help! First, Spain is addressing the problem of overproduction of electricity, thus is seeking ways to reduce the electricity production by the residents so that they can, in turn, go back to depending on the primary electricity grid that is billable and taxable (Erb, n.p.). Secondly, Spain seeks to move away from green energy production to reverting to conventional non-green energy production and consumption.

This unexpected and even astonishing scenario has been created because the Spanish population has adopted solar energy to produce and convert sunlight heat energy into electric power massively (Erb, n.p.). The mere fact that Spain experiences more extended periods of sunlight annually, to the tune of close to 3,000 hours of daylight in some cities annually, the installation of the sun, therefore, means that the residents can produce more energy than they may need to use in their homes (Erb, n.p.). Consequently, as opposed to the typical situation where the residents are served by power from the primary electric grid offered by the power producers and in turn required to pay monthly electricity bills, the Spanish population is producing more electric energy than it can use at home, thus selling the extra energy produced back to the primary grid of the electric power generating company in the country (Erb, n.p.).

This scenario has meant that the government of Spain is faced with the dilemma of addressing the overproduction of electricity energy since the demand for electric power in Spain is lower than the supply, meaning that the Spanish government is always in debt to the primary grid electricity producers, to the tune of $34.73 billion U.S.

Energy Resource Solutions is yet another global energy company that provides a range of solution in green and clean energy, making it one of the companies that are related to the topic of this article since the paper addresses the issue of clean energy in the form of conversion of solar energy into electricity (Erb, n.p.). These three companies are global leaders in green energy solutions. They offer consultancy services and design relevant energy systems such as solar panel systems involved in the direct transformation of solar energy into usable electricity (Ross, n.p.).

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