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*read cause # 1 from this link http://www.healthpropress.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Cases-Manual_5th-Edition.pdf and answer this questions below.

*you can do your own research to have more information about cases

Case # 1:  Carilion Clinic:

1.     Identify the problems that Carilion Clinic faces as it seeks to become a comprehensive, vertically integrated health care provider.  Rank these problems in terms of their difficulty of resolution for Carilion.

2.     Develop arguments to support Carilion Clinic’s efforts to become a comprehensive, vertically integrated healthcare system.

3.     Identify reasons why competition is useful and why it is not useful in terms of health care cost, quality, and access.

4.     Identify the advantages and disadvantages of internally developing specialty services to achieve vertical integration as compared with obtaining the same services by acquiring existing providers?

5.     Why could the Mayo Clinic develop a comprehensive, vertically integrated healthcare system and Carilion Clinic seemingly cannot?

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