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I need the CSS code for the question below.

I need the CSS code for the question below.

Independent Challenge 2

As you continue to develop the website for the Murfreesboro Regional Soccer League, you add social media features to help participants stay informed about the league and to assist new member recruitment efforts. You embed a YouTube video and a tweet, and you add Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons.

c. In styles.css and within the site navigation section, add a style rule for the element with the class value social-media-buttons that floats the element to the left and clears other floats on both sides. Add a rule for the ul element within the nav element, for div elements within the nav element, and for iframe elements within the nav element that sets the display property to inline-block and sets the vertical-align property to middle. Save your changes, open news.html in a browser, then verify that the buttons are displayed at the bottom of the nav bar. 

I can supply a screenshot of the assignment and the code that I have already written.



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