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Abstracted Outline


  • Attributes and Evaluation of Discussion Contributions.
  • Capella Online Writing Center: Principles and Procedures for Writing a Literature Review.

Begin your review of the theoretical and research literature that provides support for your Integrative Project: Chapters I–V. Keep in mind that you will be demonstrating, from a thorough review of the literature, what represents best practices in your area of practice or specialization.

Develop and post an abstracted outline of your literature review for your Integrative Project: Chapters I–V paper. An abstracted outline means that you should present two to three sentences for each subheading explaining the key points to be covered in that subheading. This material should be cited in APA style and the outline should conclude with an APA reference list.

Response Guidelines

Review the posts of at least two other learners that are in the same specialization and respond to their work. Consider the following questions:

  • Does the outline adequately address the theoretical and research literature that provides support for their Integrative Project: Chapters I–V?
  • Is the outline missing any valuable information regarding best practices in the learner's area of practice or specialization?
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