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Read this passage and answer the question in your own words...

People have misunderstood psychological disorders for centuries. For example, in ancient times people considered irrational behavior as the result of demons and evil spirits taking possession of a person. Later, Greeks looked upon irrational behavior as a physical problem – caused by an imbalance of body fluids called “humors” – or by displacement of an organ. Also, in the highly superstitious Middle Ages, individuals revived the theory of possession by demons. Then, eighteenth-century Europe and America revealed their ignorance about mental illness in misogynistic witch trials. Only in the last one hundred years did true medical explanations gain wide acceptance and changed categories of mental illnesses. Still today some individuals tragically believe that psychological disorders cause people to commit murder, including serial killings and mass murders.

Questions 1 & 2. What is the topic sentence and why?

Questions 3 & 4. What are the supporting sentences and why?

Question  5. Which transitions or connectors are used in the paragraph to join the sentences?

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