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The purpose of this week’s discussion post is to generate conversation regarding computer and internet safety. The material for this week will include videos and articles on keeping your computer and your private information safe. Several key terms will be covered such as malware, phishing, and Wi-Fi hot-spots.


For the discussion this week, choose one of the resources from above and share your thoughts. Have you ever had your personal information stolen? Have you been a victim of a scam email? Have you or someone you know gotten a computer virus? Provide examples that have happened to you or someone you know. Demonstrate strategies that you have learned to avoid becoming a victim of scams and malware intended to harm you or your computer. You are the only one that can keep your computer safe and working properly.

http://www.gcflearnfree.org/internetsafety/wifi-security/1/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Do you ever connect at hot-spots like a coffee shop, airport or library? 

Were you aware that your information could be accessed or stolen by doing this?

Based on the tips provided in this article, will you feel safer accessing a hot-spot in the future?

                *********SAMPLE POST – DO NOT COPY THIS – DEMONSTRATION ONLY**********

This week I chose to learn more about basic safety when using my computer. I have learned that there are many dangers when browsing the internet or even by simply checking my email. I never knew that I should not open attachments that come with emails I receive. There can be malicious software within that could infect my computer just by opening it (E-Safe: Phishing Emails - Internet Safety, n.d.). From now on I am going to be wary of not only emails that come from people or businesses that I do not now, but even from those I do. Fraudulent emails can look legitimate and I have to be very careful not to fall victim to a scam. If I am in doubt about the legitimacy of a request for information, I will call my bank or credit-card company and will never send personal information through my email account. 

                           Main post has to be a 150+ words, 1 APA citation, and reference

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