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I saw the Tiber RIVER flowing through Rome. flumen fluminibus flumina fluminum Question 2 I love the POEMS of Vergil!

I saw the Tiber RIVER flowing through Rome.flumenfluminibusfluminafluminumQuestion 2I love the POEMS of Vergil!carmencarminecarminacarminumQuestion 3In his statue of Anchises, Aeneas, and Ascanius, Bernini did a beautiful job of depicting the stages of the BODY throughout life.corporiscorpuscorporumcorporibusQuestion 4What's in a NAME? Everything for a Roman!nomennominenomininominisQuestion 5HEADS of state come in many names: president, prime minister, king. But for the Romans, only consul mattered.capitibuscapitacaputcapiteQuestion 6 Many historians would say that the WOUNDS (accusative) leading to the fall of the Roman Empire were self-inflicted.vulneravulnerisvulneribusvulneriQuestion 7 The Roman farmer, sailor, and warrior had little in the way of leisure TIME.temporatemporistemporibustempusQuestion 8 The ORDER of the three periods of Roman history is monarchy, republic and empire.ordoordinisordineordinumI am honestly not trying to hand down my homework just sadly I dont know what the forms of the words are in (the bold words) meaning I cant do the correct translation. You dont need to give me the answers just the case of the Caps Lock words please I will do the rest.

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