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I will pay for the following article South Korea : Amazon Firestick. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article South Korea : Amazon Firestick. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. s Amazon Firestick is a desirable product for the Korean market and can make quite a progress if the media placement of the product is done accurately. In order to achieve that, a know-how of the target audience is crucial. Since the firestick will aim at targeting the technically updated audience, especially the younger populace, the media outlets chosen would be in accordance. In additions, the promotions for the product would also be conducted after researching well on the individualistic preferences of the target audience.

For this reason, the online media would be the foremost preference to advertise the product. Firstly, Google advertisements can be conducted, since these advertisements can target demographically accurate audience. Also, such a promotion would be done depending on the personal tastes of the audience since Google places its ads after acquiring such preferences, thus, this would be an accurate way to conduct research. In addition, social media promotional campaigns can also prove to be quite fruitful since these forums allow for an effective engagement strategy where customer feedback can also be ensured. Therefore, campaigns can be launched via Facebook, twitter, Instagram alongside other mediums where various competitions and engagement promotions can be launched. This way, the customers would better relate with the brand. In addition, a rational appeal can also be added by focusing on the qualitative aspects of the product, i.e. clearly stating the competencies of the product. In addition, the competitive analysis can also be used to highlight the strength of the brand in context to the competing brands (Tuten 2008). Also, customers reviews must also be incorporated into the social media campaign to further add to the rational appeal of the product. Also, various video channels can also be used to add video reviews which can then be integrated into the social media channels to product a vigilant online advertising strategy.

However, the traditional advertisement placements must also not be ignored. Therefore, TV advertisements must also be designed exclusively to appeal to the targeted audience. However, the nature of these ads should be such that elements of vibrancy and vigor must be present to ensure that the younger lot and the ones technologically advanced are appealed to the product (Tuten 2008). Also, the timings of advertisement placement should be such that the promotion gets maximum exposure. The advertisement can, however, also be linked to the social media platforms to get maximum integration.

Therefore, after rigorous research and an analysis of target audience, media placement can be decided to get maximum attention. Since an effort is being made to expose the South Korean audience to the Amazon Firestick, a younger audience and the one with a technological knowhow must be targeted. For this reason, a social media campaign must be organized with a rational appeal and with an effort to engage the audience with the brand to product a positive brand image. Also, the traditional medium of TV advertisement must not be ignored, and thus, a positive brand image must be presented by offering vibrant content. Syncing both the campaigns can result in progress in this context.

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