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I will pay for the following essay Interactive Behaviour at Work. The essay is to be 14 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file "Interactive Behavio

I will pay for the following essay Interactive Behaviour at Work. The essay is to be 14 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Poor communication in the organisation, lack of family-friendly policies, distressed interpersonal relationships, conflicting job expectations and career concerns are the issues that only add up to the degenerating spirit of the sales staff.

The above listed internal issues of this organisation are becoming the root cause of declining revenue,

which is one of the main corporate goals of this or any business. The sales staff is given sales targets that are unrealistically high, and the policies are such that upon failure to achieve these targets, the respective employee's job will be terminated. With such policies, employees are unable to work diligently and up to their optimum calibre. Instead, the staff is continuously on the outlook for other job opportunities, which steals their attention from their work even more. The dilemma of the situation is that the employees do not feel comfortable having a discussion with their management regarding such chronic work issues. High employee turnover results in a haphazard sort of scenario in the workplace. New employees that are recruited in place of the departing people are not properly oriented or introduced to the existing staff. There is no team building in result of such malpractice and work uncertainty and job insecurity is on the rise.

The department of sales in any organisation has to have dynamic and outgoing human resources in order to function properly. For such a situation to exist, the managers and superiors of the department must adopt such strategies and policies that a free flow of communication be inherent. This flow of communication should be both upward and downward so that the right decisions are taken at the right time. The essence of such a system is in the involvement of employees in the work scheduling and goal setting process.

In any organisation, the main corporate goal is achieved by setting and accomplishing middle and lower level goals and targets. These middle and lower level goals are achieved after proper planning, organising and controlling. If the goal itself is not set with the right vision, tasks are not organised in the proper well-chalked out manner, resources are not deployed in the most productive and effective way, then there is no way that the organisation will achieve its mission fruitfully. Such a mismanaged situation persists in the sales department of Business Plus TV channel.

The goal setting process in any department of any organisation is a sensitive procedure requiring high level of expert and knowledgeable input. The department under study is engaged in the setting of targets that are neither smart nor realistic. These targets are overly demanding and instead of boosting efforts on the employees' end, these are putting unreasonable pressure on the staff. Besides, the designing of the task is such that the workers are over burdened with high levels of time pressures. Inflexible work schedules unpredictable and long hours are the results of the unorganised task design. The horror of losing jobs in case of failure to achieve the assigned targets are aggravating the pressure and strain amongst employees. The staff is dissatisfied and insecure with little hope of career development. The over all culture of the workplace is confined sort with poor communication, low level of support for problem solving and personal development and lack of definition of organisational objectives.

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