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I will pay for the following essay On Leadership and Management. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This requires extensive group activi

I will pay for the following essay On Leadership and Management. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This requires extensive group activities and team work. Moreover, multinational organizations also require collaborating efforts of people located in a wide variety of geographic locations. Thus team work may also constitute people belonging to different nations. Thus it is seen that the overall performance and productivity of organizations fall short in the absence of proper management and development of teams. The present project discusses the situation and condition of team work and development at British Airways which is one of the largest airlines in England. The organization has confronted with challenging situations on account of the varying environmental and business conditions. but has successfully overcome hurdles through proper and effective team work and development. The project discusses the problems and challenges in developing teams and its implication for organizational leaders and managers as well as workers. Based on these challenges suitable recommendations are provided in favour of eliminating emerging problems in the domain and resolving issues. Organizational Analysis- Context and Scenario leading to the problems of Team Roles and Team Development in the organization British Airways demonstrated tremendous failures in its self managed teams during the 1990s. This is because of the fact that its team members lacked proper people management skills (McCann, “Introduction”). Following is the details of the context and scenario in British Airways which group work and team development failed. Person Sex Age Position Character AB M 35 Project Manager Autocratic leadership style that reinforces decisions and choices. Sociable, Extrovert. Pays little heed to people’s concerns, issues, views or suggestions CD M 32 Software Developer Highly knowledgeable and skilled worker, friendly yet introverted, conscientious. prefers to interact with computers rather than with people EF M 30 Software Developer Medium level of knowledge of technical aspects, people oriented, quick learner, extrovert and bubbly. Good listener and puts work first and self aspects later GH M 28 Software Developer Unsociable, prefers to work on his own terms without being guided or directed. Concerned with his won work objectives and individual task accomplishments rather than the tasks of the group at large. The above table mentions the characteristics of the different team members working under a single project manager. The main implication on the manager is the fact the members differ distinctly from one another in terms of their nature and behaviours. On the other hand the manager himself displays an authoritarian autocratic style of leadership which members find difficult to handle. The fact that he imposes his own decisions and choices with regards to work activities and strategies is a crucial for the team which comprises of members who are adequately knowledgeable and prefers to work as per their own understanding and decisions. Here, arises another problem. As members prefer to work on their own style and according to their own decisions, the performance of the group falls. This is because there is lack of coordination and concern for each other in the team and each seeks to put their preference first rather than the welfare of the team at large.

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