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I will pay for the following essay Research paper College. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file "Research paper College Essa

I will pay for the following essay Research paper College. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Most of those companies which have outsourced their legal services to India concentrate on the low level paralegal work with a few exceptions which carry out more sophisticated work like patent applications and appellate briefs due to the higher prices associated with the clients.

However, a number of ethical issues have cropped up as a result of this outsourcing.

The American attorneys based in US believe that by doing so the American attorneys are losing touch with their work. With outsourcing a number of problems crop up such as the issue of keeping control over the work and the way it's being done in the first place.

While outsourcing call centers etc was more commonplace, the American companies were less forthcoming regarding outsourcing legal work overseas due to the fear of the clients' backlash and the way the labor unions would react to the use of Indian labor. The American bar Association ethical rules clearly state that all law firms are required to pass all the cost savings on to the clients as a result of outsourcing.

The outsourcing of the preparation of the paralegal applications and all also raise certain ethical issues and since, it is a law related service. it would be analyzed in the following paper. ...

ples ethical issues which are connected to legal outsourcing such as conflicts of Interest, client confidentiality, supervision/quality control/competence/ independent professional judgment, fee issues, client disclosures, malpractice issues and lastly, export control restrictions.

There are a number of legal authorities which will be studied for the purposes of this paper such as the California Rules of Professional Conduct (CRPC), ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct(Model Rules) and lastly, the California State Bar Act. There are a number of advisory bodies such as the ABA standing committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility Formal Opinions (ABA), California Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct, San Diego County Bar Association Legal Ethics Committee etc.

According to the laws regarding to unauthorized practice or even abetting such practices can result in. B&amp.P 6125: "No person shall practice law in California unless the person is an active member of the State Bar."

According to CRPC1-120 "A member shall not knowingly assist in, solicit, or induce any violation of these rules or the State Bar Act." According to the definition of law provided by the case of Morgan v State bar 51 Cal. 3d 598(1990). Farnham v State Bar Cal. 3d 605, 612 (1976)."The giving of legal advice and the preparation of legal instruments and contracts by which legal rights are secured. court appearances. engaging in negotiations with opposing counsel." Therefore, unauthorized practice of law is that which is carried out by all non-lawyers without the proper supervision of a lawyer.

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